When doing body detoxification, there are several procedures that can be followed. Although supplements are also used in the process, eating natural detoxifying foods has proven to be the best remedy for detoxification. It is therefore important that people learn how to detoxify your body naturally with detox diet which is healthier than chemicals. Apart from knowing some of the natural detoxification foods, it is also important to understand some of the healthy steps that you need to consider in the process, for maximum results.

6 Tips you need to consider in the detoxification process:

1. Reduce the amount of salt intake

Salt is known to cause many health problems as it promotes retention and hampers debugging. This is the main reason why we may feel puffy especially in the legs. One teaspoon of salt is more than enough. For people with conditions such as hypertension and diabetes for example, the amount should be recommended by your physician.

2. Drink water and fasting

Drinking water especially after you wake up is a good cleansing practice. Water helps to improve your bowel movements and also help to cleanse your liver. 2 Liters of water are the recommended amount that should be taken in day. The water should however be purified and low in minerals. Fasting on the other hand helps the water to cleanse the whole system of digestion right from the stomach to the small intestines. Read more about detox drinks @54health.

3. Say no to stimulants

Stay away from readymade juices, soft drinks and other processed drinks for some time. Stimulant drinks such as coffee and alcohol should also be kept away during the detoxification process. When your body is cleansed, you will be more rejuvenated and find no need for caffeine.

4. Eat seasonal foods

Seasonal foods especially citrus fruits and vegetables such as watercress should help you stay away from other foods that you are used to. Experts also recommend eating carrots as they reduce cholesterol. Other than seasonal foods, changing the routine to lighter foods such as strawberries, spinach and leeks for calcium other than from skim milk is a healthy step towards detoxification.

5. Eat blue

You can find this color from fish such as herring, mackerel, sardines and anchovies. It can also be found in vegetables such as red cabbage, red onions, beats, beans, purple grapes and more. Why purple? These foods are known to be rich in anthocyanins which are proven antioxidants.

6. Eat Fiber

Fiber facilitates and enhances bowel movements leaving you with a feeling of satiety. Fiber can be found in foods such as whole grains, greeny leafy vegetables such as spinach, fennel, parsley and lettuce and other vegetables such as asparagus, onions, leeks and artichokes.

NOTE: Many people tend to chew gum when they are fasting as a way to keep them from hunger. Chewing gum however allows gas to build up in your system and also “confuse” the digestive system. This means that your stomach is preparing for food which is not coming. Having said that, try as much to avoid chewing and if you have to, make it sugarless.