Look Hot in Ombre Colors

Ombre hair is a coloring technique in which the bottom hair looks lighter than the top hair. This technique is artistically achieved by bleaching the bottom hair, the bleached part of the hair can be dyed depending on the effects one wants to capture and it helps to bring out the tone more loudly. This hair styling technique has become the most popular hair coloring technique since it was first discovered in 2007.
Below are reasons you should ombre your hair.

The first reason as to why one should consider the ombre coloring technique is because it is trendy. For every elegant woman that is into fashion and trends, this is the perfect way to look outstanding and elegant and it is a hair style that is being embraced by bloggers, celebrities and all those who care about the public perception of their looks.

The beauty about this hair styling technique is that it is ridiculously cheap. It human nature to always want to spend less. Once the target effect is achieved, it does not need frequent re-dos until after two months when probable new hair grows at the roots.
Even though it might look like it requires a professional to do the dying, one can do it by themselves from home. All that needs to be done is done is dividing hair into portions.

DIY Ombre Hair Images


It is unique. This type of hair dying design is one of the most sophisticated to ever exist, at a far look one can almost think that the hair is natural compared to the deep end dying that gives an artificial look that is recognizable from a far distance.
The ombre technique has been used for not so long as it was first discovered in 2007 when a supper model had her hair dyed in a gradual fade from dark brown at the bottom/roots to a lighter shade of the same color towards the top. The hair style has since then been adopted by top celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna and it has been modified from being applied on natural hair to extensions and now weaves and wigs. The ombre technique has even spread out to other facets of beauty like nail art acrylics.

Some of the hottest ombre colors that women can use include:

Soft Caramel Dream is known to bring out a beachy girlish look even when one is 1000 miles from the beach. This type can be paired with curls and is suitable for all occasions from formal to informal and blends perfectly with any skin tone.

The Chocolate Cherry is most loved by light skinned people as it is a darker shade close to maroon and perfect for thick hair. When adding red to your hair it is advisable to use a color safe sulfate free shampoo.

Adding pink ribbons is common with blondes but it might be tricky because it is not real putting on bright colors daily, especially in the office. Though it is mostly used in costume and make up in different movies to bring out a younger look.
It is possible to capture an ombre of any color so no need to worry about skin tone and stuff. Perhaps your hairstylist can give guidelines to choosing the best color.

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