Four Top Rated Bathroom Magazine Racks

A bathroom magazine rack is a special storage option which you can use to store items such as a magazine, they help keep your bathroom clean and orderly, they also help prevent magazine cluttering your bathroom. The good thing with bathroom organizers, they come in wide variety of styles and designs meaning they won’t make your bathroom look dull or boring. The current solutions do offer multiple storages hence giving you added storage space. Below are the top rated bathroom magazine racks to help you make an informed decision which racks suit your preferences before making a selection.

Idea 1: Simple Design for the Wall

The design of this is shabby chic and simple, the rack has a wide range of style options which includes natural chrome, bronze, and pearl white finish. The rack is capable of holding multiple magazine or newspaper and makes your bathroom look great. Despite the rack being an amazing compact option for storage in your bathroom, it is also very affordable. Remember InterDesign rack is a free standing rack meaning it doesn’t need installation or mounting, it simply sits on the floor. The antique basket style of the rack helps it to add a great touch to your bathroom.

Idea 2: Wooden Magazine Rack

The Oceanstar is made of sturdy polished bentwood, which is half-inch thick, installing the bathroom magazine rack is the best way to give your bathroom a chic touch. Due to its curved design, the rack is capable of holding several magazines. Remember since the rack is built in handles, you can move it from your bedroom to your bathroom and back since all you need to do is to assemble the two pieces. Due to its colored wood finish, it is able to complement your bathroom décor. Also. The rack is very affordable more than you may think. To have a look at the rack click

Idea 3: Flexible Rack for Small Spaces

Spectrum is a bathroom magazine rack that offers flexibility and sophistication since it is embellished with scrolls. The rack is ideal for bathroom use since it can be mounted to the wall. The design of the rack only allows it to hold a few magazine, meaning it is best for people who do not need big magazine storage. The rack is capable of keeping you magazine neat and attractive since it is very beautiful making it an ideal rack to store a few things.

Idea 4: Cross Style Magazine Rack

This rack is made purposely for bathroom use, unlike the others which you can use both in the bathroom and at the office. Despite the rack being capable of storing magazines, newspaper, and books, it is also designed to store extra soaps, toilet paper, towels and other toiletry items. The bathroom magazine rack is made of sturdy metal and it does not require mounting on the wall since it is a freestanding rack. At the bottom, the rack has a spacious shelf for multiple items, at the top, there is a compartment which is used to store the magazine. The exterior of the rack is made of brushed nickel which perfectly blends with bathroom décor.

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