Facts about green tea benefits and tips for women

Green tea is usually derived from a Camellia sinensis plant which originated from China. It is usually prepared as a beverage although various extracts can be made from it for medicinal purposes. It has recently become predominant in the Western countries where black tea was the most consumed. The numerous benefits of green tea are slowly been noticed making it one of the most taken beverage in the world today. Green tea plays a very important role in the growth of human hair causing stimulation of hair follicles. Study conducted in the Seoul National University of medicine found out that green tea contained epigallocatechin-3-gallat promoting the growth of hair follicles. The human dermal papilla cells are also stimulated boosting hair growth. The study further shows that green tea may play a key role in preventing hair loss.

Facts about green tea benefits and tips for women

Numerous studies about green tea are revealing the many benefits women can gain from it. Scientists still believe there are several more benefits that have not been discovered about green tea.

Healthy skin

Having a healthy skin is something every person wishes to have. Well, green tea with its many anti-oxidants can help achieve healthy skins. The green tea can be consumed naturally or just applied on the skin. There are several cosmetics that contain green tea in them and they help prevent damage to the skin from the sun. The anti-oxidants have an action on the free radicals preventing them from damaging the skin which ensures hair is kept healthy and growing at an optimal rate.

100grams of tea can be mixed with water and left for 30 to 40 minutes in room temperature. The mixture is then stirred and can be stored in your refrigerator from which one can use it to refresh their faces after a long day at work. This treatment helps clear acne, blemishes or just any rushes on your skin.

Eye treatment

The used tea bag can still be used to treat your eyes eliminating the dark under eye circles. This is a cheap eye treatment which helps reduce the puffy eyes bringing out the beauty of women. This has been tried and most women have given their testimonies on the effectiveness of green tea in treating eyes.

The presence of caffeine in green tea helps blood vessels lying underneath the skin to shrink. Whenever blood vessels shrink all the darkness around the eyes are easily eliminated. The tea bags are usually cooled after use and placed on the eyes for some minutes. The green tea also helps tighten the skin around the eyes and reduces any form of swelling helping make individuals look younger.

Green Tea Extract leaves

Wight loss

Weight loss is one problem in the world today especially in women with millions of people going to extraordinary ways to try and lose weight. The kind of lifestyles that people live nowadays combined with the consumption of junk food has led to obesity cases and heart related problems. Incorporation of green tea in our diet can play a key role in the loss of weight. The number of anti-oxidants in tea is 10 times what we usually find in fruits and vegetables.

The EGCG found in green tea helps increase the rate at which food is metabolized in the body. This simply means fats will be quickly oxidized in the body while preventing it from accumulating beneath the skin. Generally the rate at which food consumed is turned into calories is very fast. This apart from helping in weight loss, it makes individuals remain active all day long. Bloating and body fats are greatly reduced leaving healthy individuals.

Reduces depression and stress

Green tea is known to help reduce depression in elderly people beyond their thirties. A research by the America Botanical council shows that stress and depression can greatly reduce in elderly people drinking green teal daily. Depression is one monster most people are fighting today and can cause several other problems. Women who are stressed and depressed are more likely to lose hair than those who are not. Green tea apart from helping in hair growth can help reduce depression and stress another cause of hair stress.

Green tea contains polyphenols which helps the brain maintain the steady supply of glucose and energy. Another compound in green tea is theanine which helps release anxiety and stress making individuals more relaxed. It is also a works well as an anti-depressant.

Stronger and shiner nails

Every woman could love to have strong and healthy nails. Well, green tea contains an element that ensures your nails remain strong and healthy. Women just need to make a mixture of tea and water and soak their legs inside once in a week. The yellowing that is seen on nails will slowly disappear making the nails remain strong and shiny.

Essential tea oils can also be used to get rid of such brittle nails. One will have to drop some oil on the affected nails once a week and results will be seen after some few weeks.

Prevents cases of allergies

Immunoglobulin E and histamine are responsible for causing allergies in people. Green tea helps block receptors responsible for the production of these two compounds. Whenever these compounds are not released, the body will not react to common allergens like dust and pollen.

One will have to take one cup of tea daily to help fight allergic cases.

Dandruff treatment

Excessive scalp flaking and dandruff can easily be treated by green tea consumption. A study done in Georgia Medical College showed that green tea can potentially treat dandruff and scalp flaking. The dry flakes that are usually formed by the dandruff can be exfoliated by green tea.


The importance of green tea cannot be ignored as more studies are revealing the many benefits that green tea offers. Women who have had hair problems can easily restore their hair in a few months by increasing the amount of tea they consume daily. There are several healthy benefits people can gain by taking green tea on a daily basis.

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